PREPARES is a nurturing response of the Catholic community
to provide families the supportive services needed to help ensure
healthy childhood development from pregnancy to age five.

If you are an expectant mother or a parent of children younger than 5 years old and
living in Washington State, we’d love to serve you!


The Bishops of Washington state INTRODUCE PREPARES

"We want to make sure that no child - born or unborn - is ever abandoned
or alone. We want to make sure that every mother whether she is in a small rural town or a large city...has caring people around her walking
those critical first five years of her child's life."
~ Bishop Joseph Tyson, 2014 Cornerstone Conference

PREPARES services include rapid response and referrals for urgent needs such as food, formula, diapers, and clothing. We also provide support services like Family Companions.

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Prepares Spotlight


Skagit Valley outreach

In Western Washington, one of our most exciting PREPARES projects includes collaboration between PREPARES and the Farmworker Initiative, as well as the involvement of several archdiocesan parishes. PREPARES has an outreach worker, Guillermina Bazante, who is helping to increase services to Farmworkers in Skagit Valley. Thank you to those who donated to the Mother's Day PREPARES bag drive! Here is Guillermina with one of the families who received bags at the CCS Farmworker Center.


St. Mary's Presentation

A huge THANK YOU to St. Mary Presentation parish in Deer Park for hosting such a lovely PREPARES baby shower as well as offering an infant CPR class following the shower. What a great way to honor families as well as give them a life saving resource...It was such a fun and informative day!


Central Washington is building community

When Tammie completed her volunteer training she was asked to evaluate her sense of readiness for her match with a young mother. Tammie explains that she was inspired through our training, opening the door to her own personal experience of being young and alone in the world with two young children. Tammie further explained that she believes her match is out there and would be praying for this young woman. Another month passes and she is finally matched with her mentee, Bonnie. During our first check-in with Bonnie she explained to staff that when she met “her Tammie” she felt very comfortable with her, “… like we were two people who had known each other a long time”. Tammie wholeheartedly agrees.